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Autocount Accounting is built from an advanced technology such as Microsoft.Net Framework,SQL 2005 Server 2005 and internet ready.Able to operate in ultra-fast speed and provides strong and stable database for every type of business and able to perform all types of account transactions, no matter how complicated it is.
By dividing into 4 management systems: Financial Management System, Sales Management,Purchase Management and Inventory Management, Autocount Accounting captures your complete business operaton information and provides accurate information of your business at any time.
Easy to use & affordable: -With basic accounting knowledge, you can start using Autocount Accounting for your daily business operations.
Saves time, work efficently: – Real-time posting feature.
Speedy, reliability and scalability:- Autocount Accounting sits on top of Microsoft SQL Server which provides great reliablility and high performance.
Better security and authority:- Multi-level access control to further control the user accessibility to each system function.
Solutions for today and tomorrow:- As your business grows and requirement change, Autocount Accounting offers and allows you to upgrade from your existing package by adding optional modules or customised modules.
Share data across business and applications.:- Its easy to share data with others by exporting results into Microsoft Excel, Word, PDF,HTML and graphics format. All reports can be emailed with just a click.
Accessibility:- With the Advanced Search funtion, it provides a much faster way to trace back past transactions for viewing, amendment or deletion by just entering a keyword in the seach field. Users can drill down all the way from the search result into the source document.
Flexibility:- Options to allow customization on the syste to suit specific user requirements, which include report and screen layout customizations too. All transactions in the system are recorded and presented in grid view. Multiple sorting columns.

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