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logo_cikarang_listrindoPT Cikarang Listrindo, a power company, provides energy to industrial and residential estate in Indonesia. Its plant centers use gas turbines that run on gas or liquid fuel. The company is based in Jakarta, Indonesia.

Cikarang Listrindo is the first private power company to be granted a license to Build-Own-and-Operate (B.O.O.) a 1000 MW power station in Indonesia. Providing energy to industrial and residential estate in Bekasi. Cikarang Listrindo’s plant centers using General Electric Frame 6 and Frame 9 gas turbines that run on gas or liquid fuel. The use of gas fuel as the primary energy supply not only helps to maintain the equilibrium on environmental issues, but also means cleaner power. The liquid fuel available on the site is to provide a back-up fuel source.

Cikarang Listrindo, supplying power to the private firms in Cikarang industrial areas, plans to incrase the power plant capacity into 646 MW. Cikarang Listrindo has and operates gas-based power plant with 518 MW and sells the product to PLN.

Cikarang Listrindo through its subsidiary firm Listrindo Capital B.V. change the bond issuance structure as from the secured into unsecured one. The action is taken along with the note given by the corporate tax advisor.

Jl Jend Sudirman Kav 29-31 World Trade Center Lt 17, Karet, Setia Budi
Phone : 021-5228122, 021-2522145, 021-5224440
Fax : 021-5224440
Website : http://www.listrindo.com

Electric Power Plant
Jl Jababeka Raya Kawasan Industri Jababeka Bl R, Cikarang
BEKASI 17520
Phone : 021-8934108, 021-8934109, 021-8934112, 021-8934202
Fax : 021-8934112

Jl Jababeka Raya Kawasan Industri Jababeka Tahap I Bl A/14,,Cibitung
BEKASI 17520
Phone : 021-8934371

Kawasan Industri Jababeka Bl Q,,Cikarang
BEKASI 17530
Phone : 021-89840160, 021-89840161, 021-89840162, 021-89840163

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