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peta lippo cikarangStarted in 1990, with industry as a solid economic base, PT Lippo Cikarang Tbk (Lippo Cikarang) has gained support from people who work, live and play in its residential, commercial and industrial park, as an integrated zone.

Best Infrastructure and facilities are available to support all business and family activities, which brings Lippo Cikarang growth and development.

The facilities include: schools, transportation, mall, hospital, five star hotel, modern market and family recreation parks such as: Water Boom, Hom Pim Pa and the Olympic Sports Club. These facilities increase the value and brand of Lippo Cikarang as a complete and comprehensive city in the east of Jakarta.

The excellent concepts and marketing performed by the Company, has inspired people from its surrounding areas, to enjoy and benefit from the extensive infrastructure and amenities available in Lippo Cikarang, whilst boosting its growth over the years.

The Company was amongst the first to pioneer the development of high quality, comfortable, healthy and green, residential environment.

Our residential areas are the right place for living, while our commercial and industrial park are the right choice for investment.

The Company is continuing its efforts to maximize the satisfaction of its customers and shareholders in order to maintain its growth in the future.

Site : http://www.lippo-cikarang.com/

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