Dibutuhkan banyak tenaga kerja industri manufacturing di perusahaan Jepang baru di kawasan industri Deltamas Cikarang Pusat, Kawasan MM 2100, EGIP, DAN Karawang. kualifikasi laki-laki maupun wanita yang mempunyai pengalaman di bidang Otomotif, Multi Media, Teknologi Industri. umur 18 tahun s/d 35 tahun untuk posisi:

* Asisten Manager
* Supervisor
* Asisten supervisor
* Leader
* Maintainance
* Quality …

MM2100 Industrial Town is fully integrated industrial estate developed by PT. Megalopolis Manunggal Industrial Development (MMID), established in 1990 by two well regarded corporation¬† Marubeni Corporation of Japan and Manunggal Group of Indonesia. With more than 170 manufacturing and supporting companies, MM2100 Industrial Town is one of the best value industrial estate …

logo-panasonicThrough its brand generally known by the name Panasonic, Panasonic Corporation based in Osaka, Japan, is a world-class manufacturing in the field of electronic products, especially for the needs of consumer, business and industry.

In Asia Pacific, Panasonic appears the first time by setting up its first factory in Thailand in 1961. The next few years, Panasonic operations in this area was developed. We have operations in 9 countries (including Indonesia) with a total of 75 companies employing more than 82.000 people and achieved total sales of 9.457 million U.S. Dollars for fiscal year 2005, or equal to 26% of total overseas sales of Panasonic Corporation.

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