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indonesia-movielandIndonesia Movieland is PT. Jababeka’s vision of the future of Indonesia TV broadcast and film industry. Capitalizing on PT. Jababeka’s corporate spirit of being a pioneer in the industrial sector since 1989, we seek to contribute to the establishment and development of Indonesia’s creative industry sector. Our focus is on the TV broadcast and film industry.

Indonesia Movieland is envisioned to be “The 1st One Stop Film and TV Industry Centre in Indonesia”. It is a fully integrated movie industrial estate using all facilities available in 5600 Ha Kota Jababeka, with approximately 40 Ha dedicated exclusively to movie industry activities. As such, it provides the facilities and resources needed to bring Indonesia’s TV broadcast and film industry to greater heights.

Indonesia Movieland Complex

kompleks-indonesia-movieland1. TV stations and various studio facilities of different sizes, suited to the making of TV commercials, film and live broadcast programs.
2. Flexible working spaces to accommodate both pre-production and post production tasks at all levels of the industry, from start up companies to established studios.
3. Uniquely designed cultural centre that will be one of the landmark of Indonesia’s creative industry facility.
4. In cooperation with President University, the President Film Academy will train the next generation of Indonesia’s TV broadcast and film professionals.
5. A wide variety of accommodations to take care the needs of everybody from film crews to high level producers and talents.
6. Classy and comfortable cafes and entertainment spaces that are open 24 hours to suit the different working styles and lifestyles of people in the creative industry.
7. Complete commercial facilities to ensure that both residents and guests will be able to find their needs and wants within the area.
8. Residences, starting from high rise apartment blocks to stylish landed villa houses that offer glamour, convenience, safety and affordability.
9. Integrated internet connections with high speed connectivity throughout the area.

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